Car Fun

My new year project has begun – get my car up to scratch. The first challenge I took on was to sort out the windscreen washers which exhibited a serious leak after filling up the reservoir. I’ve come to learn that any jobs on cars take a lot longer then they should, and that comments like “just remove the three bolts here” can take half an hour.

Anyway, after jacking up the car (I was very nervous about this), removing the near-side front wheel and removing the wheel-arch lining, I finally found the windscreen washer pump, which was indeed leaking.

Being a true Huggill at heart I decided to see if I could fix up the leaking part. So another overnight wait whilst my sealant dried and another test – but to no avail. New part time 🙂

Our Ford Focus Collection now has a fully working washer system so I’m happy. I was in the garage last night spraying a new wing mirror cover. Time to fit it later on today….



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