The training years

I’m young, 24 years old.  Sometimes I feel like I’m ready to change the world today.  Fortunately I know I’m not.  As I said recently at a talk I gave to University finalists, “it takes a whole series of small steps to achieve something great”, I now remind myself of my advice.  Take your time.

And so I view these years of my life as training, preparation, learn all you can years.  In that vein and inspired by Scott’s Be a better developer in 6 months I’m taking on two challenges:

  1. Answer one question every day from What Great .NET Developers Ought to Know.  At the end of each week I’ll post up my answers.
  2. Start the project below

ASP.NET logoA number of my web design buddies, notably Paul and Chris, are PHP coders and turn out great sites with full XHTML 1.0 Strict markup and CSS 2.0 compliant styles.  Accessibility is big on the web these days, so are sites which degrade with older browsers and mobile devices.

I’m out to prove to them (and myself) that using ASP.NET I can put together a fully functional web site that passes W3 CSS and XHTML validation, is accessible according to WCAG guidelines and utilises some of the benefits of ASP.NET (i.e. I don’t have to hack it to death to get it to work).

So, I’ve created a new virtual machine in Microsoft Virtual PC 2007, running Windows XP, IE 7, Firefox and Safari.  I’ve installed Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition (all free tools).  I’ll put up my site plan in another post, but the idea is to blog every week on progress, with screencasts of what I’ve learned.

To assist me will be a couple of good ASP.NET books I have, the ASP.NET site and a few late nights.

Watch this space.


2 thoughts on “The training years”

  1. Ha bring it on. I do not entirely think that the point is sites can never be accessible but more that you will spend a lot more time and effort making them compliant.

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