Geneva, Switzerland

Switzerland, a land-locked country sawn through by the Alps mountain range and P1010585 containing Europe’s largest lake, Lake Geneva.  We’ve just returned from a 5-day trip staying in central Geneva at the very nice Hotel Auteil.

In Brussels, every other shop could easily have been a chocolatier.  In Geneva, the same could be said but they would be watch specialists.  Geneva, a city full of expensive material pleasures, businessmen in smart suits and wool overcoats striding around on their Blackberrys, glamorous women spending thousands in the many designer stores wearing their Gucci sunglasses and numerous 4/5 star hotels and restaurants serving such well oiled visitors.

My reflections are that business is very important in Switzerland, in fact the protection of business, of wealth and of the pleasures of life are very important.  Anything that tries to intrude on this “idealic” way of life is to be shunned.

And at the same time they were very pleasant and courteous.  The streets were clean, gardens immaculate and car bonnets shiny.  The air was fresh and healthy and a morning would not go by without seeing several people out jogging.

Photos from our holiday can be seen here:

Part 1
Part 2

Well worth a visit.  Next time I think we’ll try skiing.


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