2008 Reading list so far

I like reading, learning in fact.  Books, blogs, podcasts, courses, discussions.  If I can learn something, I’m interested.thumbnailCAS0GW7C

In our goals for 2008 we’ve both got down to read a book a month.  Jenny isn’t doing too well but once she gets hold of Audio Books I reckon she’ll be away.

So far I’ve read the following titles this year:

And I’m half way through Playing for Pizza by John Grisham (my first Audio Book).  Next to my bed is Anointed for Business by Ed Silvoso which I am yet to start.

Books on my list for the rest of the year are (most of which are in my drawer ready):

I’m sure some others will make it onto the list before 2009 arrives.

So when do I read?  Mostly late at night, especially if Jenny turns in early.  Otherwise holidays are great reading opportunities, I read most of The Road Less Travelled in Switzerland this Easter.  The odd hour at a weekend makes a nice break from work.  I’ve tried hard to get through good meaty books which make me think, otherwise the only things I am reading about are technical bits and bobs, which in the grand scheme of things are of no great consequence and within 6 months will probably be old news anyway.

Pick up a book, read a magazine, listen to talk – do something that makes you think.  And learn, keep learning.  That’s my approach to life.  There’s so much out there to discover!


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