Moving into the cloud

thumbnailI decided it was time to take the plunge into the cloud and at the same time reshuffle a few things in my connected world.

The Windows Home Server now turns on at 5am, and all PCs (plus my laptop if it’s plugged in) turn on and back themselves up over the network.  The home-server turns off at 7am until 7pm – saving a good deal of power consumption, the planet and my energy bill.  I used to use the WHS add-in PowerSwitch, but that only gives you one set of times, and I wanted two.  I looked into creating my own extension for WHS, but solved the problem with two scheduled tasks and the useful “Wake the machine up for this task” checkbox setting.

I’ve been experimenting with Live Mesh for the past couple of weeks and I’m pretty happy with it so going all in.  Adding most of my personal documents to my mesh and then syncing with the main PCs that need them.  For shared documents across my home network I’m syncing them on the local PC drive that is mapped to the home-server.

Multiple users?  I can shared mesh folders with anyone.

If Live Mesh dies or goes offline (or I lose connectivity) I’ve got the latest sync of all my files on 2-3 different machines.

If my PC dies I can bring it back to life from the home-server.  If the home-server drive fails the backups SHOULD be mirrored across on the external USB drive.

What I’m not moving to the cloud

Media mainly, just because it’s so big and I have little need to access it everywhere.  Recorded TV from the media centre lives locally, music lives on the home-server (apart from iTunes – yet to solve that problem).  Photos currently reside on the home-server too, but I’m going to start syncing them.  The only bummer is that I’d like to use Flickr, but then some of them I want on Facebook, and then I want to look at them on the media centre.

Bring on OpenPhoto…


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