Internet Explorer 9 Beta 1 Review Roundup

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IE9 was a trending topic on Twitter yesterday, and remains today.  Like most keen-to-early adopters, I couldn’t resist putting “work” to one side for a moment and hitting to download the beta 1 release.

IE9 on the taskbar

Required Updates, already?

Yes, the first installation step reports that it is downloading and installing Required Updates.  First impressions count big, and handing out the message that this beta product already has a large number of required updates is surely a faux pas.

Come on Microsoft, get over the rebooting

To my extreme disappointment you have to reboot your machine after installation.  For many installs at this point I would defer the reboot, and promptly forget to check out the new program.  As Betrand Le Roy tweeted, “IE should try much harder not to be the ugly duck anymore.”.

Initial Observations

There are many blog posts out there detailing the new features of IE9, so I won’t repeat them here.  Check them out for yourself:

Installation REPLACES YOUR PREVIOUS IE install.  So be prepared.  I use Microsoft Expression Web SuperPreview for Windows Internet Explorer (they should have called it MEWSPFWIE) to do cross-browser testing.  However, since installing IE9 I’ve lost all browsers except IE6.  I asked the question over at the SuperPreview forums and I’ll update this post as and when I get a reply.

And while you’re reading, check out this interesting IE Blog post on the evolution of the blue e:


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