New House, New Baby and a Geek’s Home Office

Three months ago we found out that we were expecting a baby; four months ago we bought our first house.  Take a peak at what we’ve been up to…


The Stats

In three months we:

  • Moved house (with the help of some great friends, until mid-night!)
  • Painted over 200sqm of walls and ceilings
  • Fixed 15m of new skirting boards
  • Replaced 5 light fittings
  • Had 26sqm of new carpet laid
  • Fitted 25sqm of laminate flooring
  • Had a new en-suite bathroom installed
  • Filled a hole in an outside wall (one of my favourite jobs)
  • Removed a kitchen unit to install our dishwasher and did the plumbing (also fun)
  • Made 10+ trips to Ikea (lots of meatballs enjoyed there)

The Geek’s Touch

I had to add my own touch to the house, so here are the highlights:

Idea PaintIMG_0368

I wanted a big whiteboard in my home office to be creative on, but then I thought, why limit it to a board, why not use an entire wall?  The folks over at IdeaPaint made this possible.  I now have a 4sqm whiteboard to dump all of my ideas on to!






Baby Cam

IMG_0366 Some of my family live overseas and there are times when I am away with work.  What better way to share the first months of our baby’s life with family then a webcam monitoring the cot?  I chose the Y-Cam Black, an awesome IP camera (also supports WiFi) and InfraRed for night-time activity.  I’ve fixed it to the wall with a cable connection to the network.  All you need to do is forward a port on your home router and the Y-Cam does the rest.  Password protected of course.




IMG_0367 We just upgraded to Virgin 10MB broadband, so rather than lose more than half of it over at best poor WiFi, I decided to invest in Netgear’s 85MB PowerLine D-LAN solution.  These handy little boxes plug into the mains and give you a decent wired network connection anywhere in the house.  They also work across different ring mains and I have even got one in the garage for a future project.





Home Office

The home office was my little project, and I put some time into it as I’m now going to be spending a considerable amount of time each day sat in there. I repainted all of the walls and made a nice feature wall using Dulux Intense Truffle Feature Wall paint.  I fitted a new Ikea light and lots of Ikea Billy storage.  We got given a very nice futon which you can see in the photo – currently in use to get some sleep in-between the baby waking up!

As mentioned before I have an awesome whiteboard wall and some subtle touches to give it a slick feel (e.g. the fancy low-profile black light switch).


All-in-all we’re very pleased with our new place, and grateful to everyone who helped us get it ready in time!


3 thoughts on “New House, New Baby and a Geek’s Home Office”

  1. I love the top photo of the house. It screams “England” to me. (I’m in the US in Massachusetts.) I’ve got some English friends that live in a house that looks similar to yours, perhaps you’re neighbors in St. Albans, but more likely that style is just dotted all over the U.K.!!!

    Congrats on the baby!

    1. Thanks, it is very much England! We’re about 2 hours drive from St Albans, but this was a popular building style about 20 years ago.

      The baby is a whole new (enjoyable) challenge!

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