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My name is Sam Huggill and I work with code and technology. I’m a father to 3 wonderful kids, I keep active with triathlon (see my separate blog on that) and I like making things in my shed or at my desk.

My main code interests are C# and the .NET ecosystem, although I have worked extensively on Linux with PHP/Perl (back in the day) and some microcontroller programming in assembly and C. Most of time in recent years has been spent on designing and building secure infrastructure platforms with VMWare, Active Directory and a vast array of application services in imaging, video and audio.

Day-to-day I use PowerShell scripting, write some small apps in asp.net core and on occasion publish some of my work to github.

In previous years I ran a web design business, built a lot of CSS and HTML5 front-ends and ran a team of developers.

If you want to get in touch for any work related enquiries please email me using sam@huggill.com. I am primarily working as a consultant for hire in IT Architecture, secure system design and leading implementation teams.

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  1. Dear Sam,

    Are you Susan Bullivant’s son? If so could you give me her email address. I was at New Hall with her and travelled on the Comex trip to India with her. The last I heard was that she was moving to South Africa, but I then lost her email address when I retired, and she wouldn’t have mine after that either. My maiden name was Kathryn Thomas.


  2. I’m looking for an straight forward way to setup OpenID to auth SharePoint 2010. Do you have any advice?

  3. So i like your DDWRT mod. Im looking to do the same with a redhat based distro called ClearOS or something like it. I wanted to see if you could steer me to utilizing my dhcp mac wan’s the same.

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