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Retreating to the abbey…

I’ve just got back from our leadership retreat at Launde Abbey, a country get-away owned by the Diocese of Leicester and run as a retreat centre. It’s near a small village called East Norton, just off the A47 between Leicester and Peterborough.

The frosty views were incredible. More photos on Facebook but a couple to give you the picture:



Christmas at the Union

Yesterday we (OpenHeaven) ran “Christmas at the Union”, our Christmas event for 2007 at Loughborough Students Union. It was a great evening, carols, Santa, stories, sweets, silly songs and a deeper message about the meaning behind Christmas. Afterwards we (the “crew” team) pigged out on a Chinese takeaway, which was somewhat larger then we had anticipated:

Chinese Takeaway Supreme!

The rest of my photos will appear on Facebook, but here’s a taster:

Christmas at the Union Christmas at the Union


All photos now on Facebook:

Part 1

Part 2